Back Pain

Back Pain

Have you consciously noted your posture while sitting? You could sit crooked for long hours, without even realizing it.

Backpain has become a common problem. Nearly everyone will experience some form of back pain in his or her lifetime. The pain can be constant or intermittent. It's ideal to talk with a certified doctor prior to venturing into any self-prescription.

Is there a way to avoid this extremely painful phase? We understand your curiosity and we’re here to help. These conditions can be prevented by incorporating minor adjustments into daily routines and workplaces.


Here are some tips that could work:

     A) Exercise consistently. Keep your muscles supple. If workouts extend for long hours, increase
your intake of water and make sure to not overexert yourself.

     B) Keep yourself hydrated. Muscles require a certain balance to function at their optimal level. While working out, you will sweat out those harmful toxins. But for that, you will need to provide your body with a good supply of water. Drinking water also helps in cooling down the body.


     C) No sleep, no gain! Napcat’s orthopedic mattresses are curated with your pain points in mind. It’s best to rest for at least 7.30 to 8 hours every night. Your muscles need that time to recoup and regain. Sleep without backpain on our memory-foam equipped mattresses.


     D) Walk regularly. This will increase your intake of oxygen, which will recuperate the harmed cells and tissues in your body quicker.Basking in the sun also has its own advantages - Vitamin D helps in the retention of Calcium, an imperative supplement in keeping up solid bones.

     E) To avoid the stiffening of muscles around the neck, shoulders & hips, keep moving around. Do not sit statically at one place for a long time. Muscles may degenerate when continuously exposed to exertion. Try moderating to different positions.


     F) Ergonomic seating: Poor ergonomics contributes to muscle strain, muscle imbalances, and fatigue. Daily habits such as gazing at the PC, slumping on a seat, or even just carrying household items can create painful body conditions.You can use fluffy cushions to support your back and memory foam mattresses while you sleep to avoid back pain.

     G) Heat treatment reduces back pain by reducing inflammation. Taking a warm shower or unwinding in a hot tub may likewise mitigate back pain and stiffness.

     H) Ice Packs: Lowering the body temperature will help in constricting the blood vessels, which will reduce swelling, decrease inflammation, and cause a desensitizing impact.

      I) Massage Therapy: A good massage can reduce stress levels. How? Well, during a rejuvenating massage, the body’s blood flow increases, which increases the muscle temperature. This leads to increased elasticity and flexibility of tissues.

Note: Your masseur should be a trained professional.


     J) Food Habits: Developing good dietary habits is a must. Food rich in proteins helps in muscle restoration and relaxation. Nuts such as Almonds, cashews and black beans, green leafy vegetables, cherries, and spices like turmeric, cinnamon, ginger ease muscular soreness with anti-inflammatory properties that are present in them.

     K) Yoga, Meditation & deep breathing: A stressed-out work atmosphere or toxic people in our lives not only irritate but also infuse hormonal imbalances into our body system. The routine practice of Yoga helps to stay mentally clear, emotionally calm, and in a stable state. Yoga focuses on bringing harmony between an agitated mind and the physical body through breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures. Controlled breathing improves the admission of atmospheric oxygen and guarantees a rich inventory of oxygen to the
brain and signals that all is well.

Napcat to your rescue:
Napcat’s orthopedic mattresses disperse your body weight to prevent the build-up of pressure points, particularly in your neck, back, and hips. They not only remember your sleep position but also correct spinal alignment to help alleviate stress on the spine and reduce back pain.