100 Nights Trial

Thank you for preferring Napcat products.
We, at Napcat have taken utmost care, meticulously designed, used the most competent raw materials, adhered to best standards of production and followed stringent quality control measures to make our mattresses a delight to our customers. The said measures will prevent the mattress from sagging, and more importantly – provide comfort to you for a long period of time. Feeling discontented? We are here to help you out!
Free Trial Period
Please note that your body will need at least 30 days to adjust to your new mattress. So, we give you 100 nights to try it out for free.
If you are not relishing it 100%, we will pick it up and give you a full refund. We do our best to donate returned mattresses and give them a new home.
If you wish to return your newly purchased mattress, please drop an email to support@napcat.in or contact our Customer support 9364161000, a unique Ticket ID will be raised and forwarded to you.

This is all you have to do:

A) Send us pictures of the mattress.
Please take close up shots of the position where you feel discomfort / dissatisfied and also long shots of the mattress using a high resolution camera.

B) After it has been approved, the packaging material will be sent to you.
Our technicians and experts will have a close look of the pictures, provide you suggestions or
approve for refund. We will arrange for the proper packaging materials to be delivered at your doorstep, with instructions for packing the mattress, so that it does not get damaged in transit.

C) Pack the mattress as per the instructions; email us on the same thread, if possible.
On receiving the packaging material, you are requested to pack the mattress as per the given instructions and once again send us images of the mattress in packed condition.

D) We will arrange for the pickup.
Our authorized courier representatives will reach you and collect the packed mattress while giving you an acknowledgement. Preserve the acknowledgement till the refund is credited to your account,

Upon receipt at our factory, if the mattress is found intact, then your refund will be processed within 7 working days from the date of receipt of the material at our warehouse.

Still want to return your mattress? We are happy to help! Head over to the Napcat Returns Centre