Our Story

A decade in the mattress industry has helped us realize just how important sleep is. Sleep is ironically very underrated though it is nature’s way of restoring lost energy to rejuvenate oneself, across all life forms! A good night’s rest helps with a lot more than you realize – it helps the brain function in full capacity as the brain prepares itself for the day ahead to form new learning pathways while you sleep. At Napcat, we’re here to help you put your best step forward by giving you a night of blissful rest. While some of us love to snooze all day (cheers to that!) and others find it hard to sleep with content, we’re here for the deep sleepers and the sleepless Napcats. Our goal is simple – to help you sleep peacefully, without being too hard on the pocket. We strive to deliver mattresses backed by intricate craftsmanship with top-notch materials and expert industry knowledge. Rest assured, trust Napcat for a night of good sleep, every single time.

Why are we committed to helping you sleep?
Now that you’ve heard our story, here’s a little more on why sleep matters that drives us to work harder to give you the best sleep you’ve had.

• Sleep helps the neurones of the brain build a stronger network within itself which improves the learning and stress handling capacity of the brain.
• A good night’s sleep helps one alleviate depression and control behavioural patterns since inadequate sleep aggravates irritation in both the mind and body.
• Proper sleep reduces mood swings, where you may feel extreme highs and lows of emotions that bring on a lack of motivation as well.
• Sleep helps repair your heart and blood vessels and lack of sleep increases the risk of heart and kidney ailments, high blood pressure etc.
• Lack of sleep also increases the risk of obesity and disbalances the hormones that make you either hungry (Ghrelin) or satiated (Leptin).
• Probably the most important of all is the immune system. A good night of 8-hour sleep will boost your immune system, helping you fight diseases from within.

See what we mean when we say sleep is of prime importance?

Our Mission
There’s no denying that there is a world of options when it comes to buying a mattress. But, how do you know what to pick among the heavily marketed and blurring chaos? From foams to springs, coir and layers, there is a multitude of options with no clear understanding of what goes on beneath the mattress cover. We’ll say it time and again that sleep is important and we believe that the customer should be well informed about the materials that go into a mattress. Each material has its unique character and purpose, which may or may not befit the customer.

Each sleeper is different, unique and has the right to be informed. This is where Napcat stands apart from the rest – we’ve narrowed down your choices and help you bond with sleep. We ensure that the customer gets all the information needed about the product specs and also offer a 100-night trial period to ensure that you’ve made the right choice for a long-term commitment to good sleep.

The offline structure of the mattress is merely the tip of the iceberg and customers usually fall for marketing ploys by sellers and end up with an overpriced mattress that doesn’t offer restful sleep.

We’re different at Napcat, and provide all our mattresses at a very budget friendly model without compromising on features that make a mattress great. We have stepped in so you can skip the stress of choosing an offline mattress that adds to your worries and bills.