NAPCAT Mattress Warranty
All our Mattresses are crafted with Quality Materials and Finest workmanship. Even if there is a tiny flaw in our pursuit of perfection, all our Mattresses are warrantied against any manufacturing defect for a period of 10 years from the date of delivery. In case of any Manufacturing defects (Given below), within one year of purchase, the Mattress will be repaired or replaced with an identical product . Any Manufacturing defect after the first year of purchase, if either a repair or replacement is not possible, a pro-rated credit will be given to the customer (Pro-rated Credit will be in the form of credit vouchers applicable on buying any NAPCAT products from our website).

What is covered?
1. Any sort of defect in workmanship (stitching).
2. Any damage to the fabric of the Mattress, while opening the box.
3. When opened, the roll packed Mattress should come back to its specific dimensions within 48 hours. If not the product is defective. However, + or - 15 mm variation in length width thickness is tolerable.
4. Reduction of thickness of Mattress greater than 1.5 inch will be considered as sagging and the Mattress is considered to be defective.
5. Any physical flaw in the Mattress causing inside foam material to crack or split upon arriving.

What is not covered?
1. Improper use of Mattress i.e our Mattress are designed to be used on a firm surface, any problem which occurs due to the improper use of Mattress is not covered under warranty.
2. Rough handling - Handle your Mattress with care, use the given tool to open the packaging, do not use very sharp materials which may cause damage to the fabric. This will not be treated under warranty.
3 . Any cause of damage to the zip, fabric or handle of the Mattress while opening the Mattress from a box.
4. Sagging lesser than 1.5 inch will not be covered under warranty.
5. Liquid spoilage on fabric.
6. Odour or dirt resulting from poor Mattress care.
7. Exposure to prolonged hot/cold temperature that causes damage to the Mattress.
8. Comfort preference will not be covered under warranty.
9. Improper washing of the cover. The washing instructions – requires cold wash without detergents , and the fabric is not intended to be ironed .
10. Accessories given free for the Mattress will not be covered under warranty.

Terms & Conditions
1. Warranty will be only applicable on a manufacturing defect and If a defect occurs from mishandling from your side, NAPCAT is not responsible.
2. Only the original purchaser can avail warranty.
3. The NAPCAT Mattress should be bought from the NAPCAT website or authorized websites of NAPCAT only.
4. Please keep the copy of your invoice which will be considered as proof of purchase. You should submit the invoice copy to claim warranty.
5. If invoice copy is not submitted, NAPCAT has the right to decline your claim of warranty.
6. Proper photographs of the damaged Mattress should be submitted, if not, the claim will be rejected by NAPCAT.
7. All warranty claims will be inspected and processed in 7 days, after the product reaches our warehouse.
8. If your claim is verified, NAPCAT will either repair or replace, in case both are not possible, a settlement will be made in the form of pro-rated credit settlements.
9. The final decision will be reserved by NAPCAT Mattress.
10. Disputes, if any, will be subject to the Erode jurisdiction only.