White colour memory foam mattress
Napcat Duro
Napcat Duro
Napcat Duro
Napcat Duro
Napcat Duro


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  • The new era of Memory Foam ‘NAP X FOAM’
  • Your Orthopaedic companion
  • Best of both worlds – Support & Comfort
  • Copper Infused Mattress – first-of-its-kind in India

Napcat Duro

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Available in 6 & 8 inches Thickness

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Uncover the innovation
behind each layer.

Napcat Mattress Top Layer
Napcat Mattress Top Layer
Napcat Mattress Top Layer
Napcat Mattress Top Layer
Napcat Mattress Second Layer
Napcat Mattress Second Layer
Napcat Mattress Second Layer
Napcat Mattress Second Layer
Napcat Mattress Third Layer
Napcat Mattress Third Layer
Napcat Mattress Third Layer
Napcat Mattress Third Layer

Uncover the
innovation behind
each layer.

Copper Foam

  • • Copper will draw all your body heat away since it is an excellent conductor of heat.
  • • Since copper is Anti-microbial & Anti bacterial, you can bid bye to infections!
  • • Copper makes the foam denser, offers better spine support.
  • • Copper is denser than foam, which helps us arrest the motion transfer caused from you- this way you won’t disturb your partner.

Nap X Foam

  • • Nap X is a pressure relieving foam , thus eradicating any pressure on your shoulders & hips while you sleep on your side.
  • • Nap X helps aligning your spine to your natural curve , aiding to better back support. Our Memory foam mattress is orthopaedic in nature.
  • • Our Gel memory foam mattress is treated with cool gel crystals to neutralise heat effectively.

Tri Zone Support Foam

Napcat mattress uses an hybrid foundation foam that provides the sleeper with three significant advantages:

Hypo allergic

Made for all types of sleepers

( Side, Back, Neutral )

Customer Reviews

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Please watch this video to know how to measure your mattress size .

Absolutely yes! We have added a 30mm layer of our NAP X Foam along with our proprietary
Frost foam to provide you ultimate comfort and a true orthopedic support.

We have designed our mattress in such a way, that both the sleepers rest

Let us explain.

In case of back sleepers - The top layer of the foam
is a medium soft layer of Frost foam which effortlessly supports your spine and the
high density Nap X Foam helps the body takes its natural curve.

In case of side sleepers, you require a major pressure relief at your shoulders and hips
while adequately supporting your spine, which works in the same way. Since you
sink deep into the mattress when compared to a back sleeper, we have added 30mm of NAP
X Foam for maximum comfort to your pressure points.

We use certified foam, which is thoroughly checked by us before the foam reaches its assembly, this ensures that our foam meets our standard
quality check. There wont be any smell from our mattress, though there will be smell because of the PVC packing, since there is no way for the mattress to breathe. The smell of these would fade away in a matter of 24-48 hours completely after its been unboxed.

Absolutely yes. All our mattresses are tested while they are assembled at our facility, so the quality is always scrutinized by our experts. Thus making sure that the foam meets our hygiene standards.

The earnestly engineered NAP X foam is a best in class foam assures you of support, comfort & cooling at the most economical price.

It is designed to be a fusion between Latex Foam and Memory Foam, combining the goodness of both and infusing the gel elements for cooling.

When your body comes in contact with the NAP X Layer , the heat is dispersed to all corners of it, much like the dispersal of aroma to all corners of the room from its single source. The dispersed heat primarily escapes into the atmosphere from the unattended or unutilised portions of the mattress.

Specially imported gel crystals are infused into the foam during the manufacturing process. When you lie down, the gel crystals start absorbing the heat and expand slowly.

Secondly, the open cell structure of the layers facilitates the passage of atmospheric air through it. As air flows through the foam, the heated air is drawn out and the heat trapped inside Gel crystal condenses and contracts back to its original shape.

It’s simple, just choose the custom size option and you can enter your
desired size.

Please remember, a custom sized mattress cannot be returned or cancelled.