India's first & only copper infused mattress

Experience Nirvana

First-of-its-kind pocketed boxed spring mattress in India

Experience Innovation

Feel The Revolutionary NAP X FOAM

The New Era of memory foam

We engineer our products to include the pillars that make a perfect mattress - Support, Comfort, Breathability, Longevity and Cost.
Our products speak for themselves!

Why is Napcat so inexpensive?
Our reasons for being so reasonable

In-house Production

Every single Napcat Mattress is produced in our own factory, which makes the production quick and efficient.


Nay Middlemen

Napcat mattresses are available only through select online portals which eliminates middlemen and in turn cuts down costs by a huge margin.


Commissions Curbed

All our products are sold online which curbs additional tricks of the trade like in-house costs, perks and commissions.


Precise Warehousing

Our warehousing costs are minimised due to the absence of middlemen and additional dealers. Napcat in comparison to other mattress brands has eradicated long lines of supply and warehousing, a huge saver!


Trim and Tidy Transit

Regular mattress brands require transportation in trucks since their mattresses are not compressed. This is not only a huge obstacle physically but also adds to the price. At Napcat, this doesn’t exist!


Precise Profits

We take pride in our products, yet stick to marginal profits because we believe in our process and the benefits we deliver. Every mattress is a work of art but is priced at an affordable and acquirable range.


India's First and Only Copper Foam

  • Copper will draw all your body heat away since it is an excellent conductor of heat.
  • Since copper is Anti-microbial & Anti bacterial, you can bid bye to infections!
  • Copper makes the foam denser, offers better spine support and also helps arrest the motion transfer caused from you- this way you won’t disturb your partner

Sweet Comforts of owning a Napcat mattress

  • 100 Nights Trial
  • Industry Leading Warranty
  • Doorstep Delivery
  • Mattress in A Box
  • Baked with Innovation
  • Contactless Delivery

  • White colour gel memory foam mattress
    Napcat Hybrid Siesta

    Why buy a Pocketed Spring mattress?
    • Movement Isolation
    • Firmer Base than other mattresses product
    • Blissful Comfort
    • Air Chambers
    • Pressure Relief
    • Highly Durable Steel Chamber
    • Prevents Mites & Dust
    • First Ever Mattress-in-a-Box

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    Air Circulation
    Long life
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